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Yes, that’s right; FREE. I have been in sales for 25 years and have attended many sales courses and about 8 years ago made a discovery that changed my life. It is the basis for this selling skills course.

Thinking I was a successful salesman earning $100K per year, winning contests, going on trips, and BAM! This sales strategy came to me with so much energy I couldn’t sleep for thinking about it.

Using this sales training strategy almost tripled my income the first year to over $250K and the second year to over $300K (Three Hundred Thousand Dollars). My life was changed forever!

The strategy discovered was Sales Cross-Training. Every world-class athlete cross-trains. A sprinter lifts weights, runs stairs and even bench presses. If all they did was study and practice sprinting, they may be good, but they would never be great.

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It hit me when having lunch with my life insurance agent. He put a close on me that was different from anything I had studied. I had sold tangible products and his intangible selling strategy was so unique and powerful I didn’t stand a chance. I was closed, in more ways than one.

I realized that for years of my life I had studied only one industry. I knew my product inside and out and considered myself successful. Boy, I was wrong. I began to study other industries, car sales, vacuum cleaners, vinyl siding, forklifts, fitness centers, real estate, life insurance and many others.

Each sales specialty employed it’s own main strategy that was unique to them. Each had developed a style that was consistent throughout their vertical market. Each had become specialist in a specific area of sales. I realized that if I could learn and apply these disciplines in my sales process it might improve my income.

The following year I studied several vertical sales markets, went to their sales training meetings, made friends and over the next twelve months worked three different part time sales jobs, just to learn.

My sales began to skyrocket. I almost tripled my income the first year! This was eight years ago and I am still studying vertical sales markets with amazement!

I found that the life insurance sales industry had developed the referral process to a fine science. The car business had more closing techniques than stars in the sky. The copier sales industry had developed ways that I never dreamed of to get in past the gatekeepers. I was not aware of it at the time, but I was Sales Cross-Training.

This Sales-Class program contains the best of what I have learned from each discipline. Each sales industry’s strengths included in one sales training class. Add these sales skills to your tool bag and you will be prepared for anything.

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Why am I doing this? Well, of course, I’m writing the book about it and this Sales Class is my way of introducing the concept to my fellow sales people. The book will be available soon, so keep an eye out for Sales Cross-Training!

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