American Equipment Leasing

I found a great American equipment leasing rate calculator that figures out all of the financial leasing questions for you. Interest rates, FMV buyouts, payment streams, and more. We put it on the site for you to use free of charge. Try our American Equipment Leasing Calculator Here.

Equipment leasing is one of the international markets we can still compete in and win. Ask yourself the questions below and you may be surprised by your own answers.

I highly recommend Joel Ronan (contact info below) for your equipment leasing company. I have dealt with many leasing companies and six years ago found the only one that fit’s the bill. He’s a salesman that got so disgusted dealing with leasing companies, he started his own and boy, he’s doing it right!

Have you experienced leasing trouble? Have you ever lost a deal that was bought out by your competition only to find out when it’s too late? Have you ever lost a client over an invoicing problem?

Well, no more! Ask yourself this:

1. Do you share in the residual at the end of the lease? Does your leasing company send you half of the residual if your client opts to purchase their equipment? What if your competition buys it out, do you loose all, or do you get half?

2. Do you get your check within 24 hours of submitting your paperwork?

3. Does your leasing company discount the payoff using simple interest when your clients payoff early, or do they just add the payment stream plus penalties?

4. Does your leasing company contact you directly to discuss and have you deliver the buyout request from your client?

5. Does your leasing company notify you before end of term at 16, 12 and 6 months out to make sure you never miss an upgrade opportunity?

6. Can you pick up the phone and get answers and problems resolved immediately? Can you call and get someone on the phone that can make a decision, right then? Can you call the owner?

7. Does your leasing company finance over 125% of retail without interest penalty so you can include maintenance or additional products to make selling easier and more profitable?

8. Can your leasing company work with you to develop special leasing programs for your marketing needs?

9. Does the owner of your leasing company understand your needs? Does the owner of your leasing company have 20 years first hand experience selling equipment?

10. Is you American equipment leasing company using American money to fund it's leases?

If you answered yes to these questions, well, you must be dealing with Joel already. I have never had a leasing problem with Joel that wasn’t resolved to my satisfaction immediately.

If you wish to discuss taking your American equipment leasing business to a higher level of service and revenue, send Joel an e-mail and decide for yourself.