Internet Sales Training Denver Seminar Recap

The Internet sales training Denver class was a great success. In this Sales-Class we will recap the sales training highlights that showed the Internet as a tool to prospect, develop leads, and to sell goods and services. It started out with this question:

Would you send your IT person to go make sales calls? Or, would you have your top salesman write HTML code?

That’s what’s happening now to the major corporations. They have some of the best-looking, high speed, under performing (sales wise) web sites on the Internet today.

The large corporations are getting beat by the Internets’ newest members…the single person or small business Infopreneur. Someone who knows their stuff!

Sure, their big corporate sites are cool, but the search engines are becoming so smart these days. The Internet sales training Denver class showed that search engines are trying to give the visitor relevant information and whoever provides this, wins the race for the top listing and whoever gets the top listing, gets the business.

The new technique of Sales Cross-Training studied the sales ”best practices” of web sites to convert visitors into leads, customers and clients. The course looked at the following topics:

How advertising budgets are shifting from “Yellow Pages” to the Internet.

The Internet sales training Denver class also showed the 2008 Fortune 1000 cost census where the halfway mark was reached in advertising budgets going to the Internet. Yep, it’s where the money is going to advertise, get leads and prospect for prospects.

Your prospects are turning more and more to the Internet to research and buy.

It’s happening! Your potential clients are forsaking those heavy Yellow Pages paper books for searches on the Internet like Google and others. It’s fast and very easy to do a search for ”Cars Dallas” and if they don’t find what they are looking for, widen the search to ”Cars Texas”, try widening your search with Yellow Pages!

The difficulty to learn and design your own web site.

Most salespeople don’t have a year or so to take off to learn HTML code. So, what happens? A very smart IT person develops and writes the web site. But, herein lies the problem, they can’t sell.

The high cost of outsourcing a productive web site and why 99% fail.

The Internet sales training Denver class also showed the average well-designed web site developmental cost runs between $10K to $15K. But then it’s see-ya-later when it is finished. Because they can’t sell is exactly why most web sites die a slow and agonizing death. There would be no difference having your accountant go make cold calls, it just doesn’t work.

What makes a successful web site?

The most successful web sites are the ones that inform the clients, answer their questions, pre-sell their audience and develop enough trust for them to make the call, or the click. Only a salesperson can do this well. But, how can a salesperson do this?

Finally, The Answer. How can you have a productive, lead generating, sales and money making web site without learning HTML at a cost of less than $1 (one dollar) per day!

Your answer is on the next page; it’s called SBI and be sure to watch the video. The SBI lead building machine is what I used to build my wife's web site Piece-A-Cake.Com for her cake decorating business that has paid for itself a thousand times over and I wouldn’t know HTML if I tripped over it.

Over the last 4 months her business has increased 500% all because of this incredible tool. I highly recommend checking them out.

I also built this site, Sales-Class, to promote my Sales Cross-Training Book Book in 4 months Part Time all because of Solo Build It.

Check out the SBI Home Page.

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