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Use this advertising sales training example as a reference in your own sales industry to see how you can pick different ‘best sales practices’ and create your own sales process.

Day-4's focus is an example of how to combine best sales practices of two sales industries to create the perfect sales process.

With more and more advertising going to the Internet, there is a now an intense focus on advertising sales training. Just like copier sales, you have go out and get your buying audience. You have to get past the gatekeepers who run blocker to the influencers and decision makers.

The most successful advertising sales pros use a combination of two sales industries. These are the copier sales industry (in their cold calling and closing strategy) and the life insurance (in their referral process).

The copier industry has developed very creative ways to get around the gatekeepers. It is one of the most effective prospecting sales process and is being used by the sales training pros. Using Sales Cross-Training let’s just put the two of them together and see what we have.

You are selling an intangible product like the life insurance industry. Combining the strategies from the copier dealer and the insurance sales industries makes a great combination.

First, you have to get to them. One of the best methods is Top Down selling. Most salespeople waste their time presenting and selling to gatekeepers, secretaries and influencers. This is explained more thoroughly in Day-6 Selling-Techniques.

Top Down Selling is one common theme of the highly paid advertising salesman. Start at the top; call the president, owner, senior manager or vice president.

Here is the basic sales training process: Briefly state what you are selling and mention a few quick benefits; lower cost, improve exposure increase business.

The decision maker can care less about stats, slots and times. They want to skip to the chase, so let them. Then ask if you can have their permission to show your concept to someone in their organization. If he sends you to Joe Smith you are in like Flynn, even better.

When you call Mr. Smith and tell him that the President of his company wants him to review your advertising concept and report his findings directly, WOW, you get the red carpet treatment. This advertising sales training tool will get you by the gatekeepers.

Your previous advertising sales training may have taught you to cold call to the receptionist. Decision makers have always been seen as scary, however you may be surprised.

Decision makers are usually very nice and generally interested in ways to make their company more efficient, productive and profitable.

Don’t try to make the sale on first contact, be brief, to the point and ask him or her to differ you to someone. Your goal is not to sell them, but to get permission to present to someone of his choice within his company. Your focus here is just to get a qualified appointment, usually with an influencer, that’s all.

After you have a plan to present you can then ask the influencer to set the appointment with the decision maker to present your ideas. Top-down selling is the way to go.

The presentation must be about the client focusing on the benefits for them. Advertising sales training teaches that you must help them see into the future, their goals, profits, growth or whatever (their) reasons are for advertising.

Doing a comparison between the projected increase in business as compared to the cost is preferable. Never compare your cost to the competition. Focus on the benefits and use the Increase of business to pay for it.

After the sale is made start the referral process immediately. Offer to give them some additional spots for free with each referral they give that becomes a client.

The best time to get referrals is in the beginning when they are the most motivated. Stay in touch during the campaign and ask for referrals during your visits.

By Sales Cross-Training best practices of two different sales industries, advertising sales training has developed the perfect sales process.

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