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The Columbo Close

Columbo Close

Just one more thing in auto sales training is the 'last chance' close. When all else has failed and you still haven’t got the objection yet. You need the objection in order to isolate and cover it. So, what do you do?

Have you ever watched the show Columbo? He was a master of the just one more thing. Right before he left, he would turn around and say, just one more thing. This would allow him to probe deeper and he always got his man…. or woman.

When the prospect gets up and is about to leave you share your goodbyes and shake hands. Then right before they leave, you say, just one more thing.

I’m just curious, was it my company? Was it my company’s integrity? Was it my integrity? I’m just curious to satisfy my own mind, was it me?

The usual answer is the objection. This is what you need to close the deal. Here is an example of what you might hear: No, it’s not you, I just have bad credit and I don’t think I will qualify. OH, is that all? Then you can say:

You see we have a special department that specializes in credit challenges. In fact, there’s a discount program that we can get you qualified for that will help with interest rates, let’s try it, it can ‘t hurt. Then you can close them.

Getting the objection before they leave is critical if you are going to stand a chance. The Columbo auto sales training close will get it out of them most of the time. Try it!

Here's an example...I will now try the Columbo close on you so you can experience it first hand!

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