Automobile Sales Training Day-1

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Well, what can you say, car sales training has developed some of the best closes, and closers in the world.

It’s a tough sales industry with only the best closers making it.

Most of the top successful salespeople are very good at the art of persuasion. But what about during slumps?

I have recently been asked my opinion of how to sell during a recession. When visiting a company’s sales training class I noticed something that was different. Check it out at how to sell.

Most auto sales training teaches a two tier closing system where they have sales reps that work the yard, qualify the client then they bring them to their best closer (the TO ‘take over’ man).

This works great because the TO man can close a higher percentage of deals and can do so without having to spend all of the time necessary doing test drives, trial closes, needs and such.

This process can be applied to many vertical sales markets by using a closer that comes in on the end of a sales cycle, just for the close. I personally have five associates in my industry who I close for.

I split the commission 50/50 and everybody's happy. They like my close ratio (hitting about 80% in my old age) and I like the fact that I spend one third the time and get half the commission. It's a win-win for us.

Team selling is so powerful because of the roll playing and interaction between the salesman and the closer. Good guy, bad guy for example:

The salesman first does the test drive, finds out the needs, basic financing stuff, hot buttons and so on. Then they disappear.

I know you have bought a car or two before, so, did you ever wonder where they went? They told you they had to go see their manager, finance manager or boss about the deal, usually with an offer.

Well, they went to see the TO man, discussed your profile, the car and the best way to close you. After an option was chosen, they may go back and forth a few times gathering information requested by the TO man. Then, when you are ripe, he takes you to him for the close.

This is by far the best automobile sales training close technique I have ever seen. In this car sales training class we are proposing to utilize your resources.

If you have a closer that is hitting 80% and you are hitting 20%. See if there is a way to use them to close with you and you would double your income even if you are splitting it 50/50. Do the math. It’s a win-win.

If you do this, the ultimate goal of yours is to learn from them how and what they are doing to get the 80%. See, the automobile sales training is done on the job with the salesman listening and following the direction of the TO man, the closer.

After a while, the salesman that catches on can become the TO man himself. Or, they may just learn to qualify the customer to the point that between them and the TO man, you don't stand a chance.

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Car Sales Training 'The Payment Close'

Car Sales

One of my favorite automobile sales training closes is the payment close. After finding out what the customer wants to pay per month, the salesman trial closes this payment; ‘I don’t know if I can, but if I can meet your monthly payment requested, would you like to drive it home?’

Then he goes to the TO man with the info, while the buyer waits. Then he returns and invites you to the TO man. You go in and the TO man says “Bob (the salesman) told me you would take this car home if we could hit this payment…I wasn’t able to get your payment exactly to your amount, but I got it close. It’s $5.84 less, how’s that?”

Automobile sales training teaches us never ever sell anything but a payment. People can afford $300, $400, $500 per month, but they can’t afford $25,000, $30,000 or $35,000! Don't even say it, sell the payment.

What would you rather hear, $400 per month or $24,498.75? I can’t tell you how many deals are lost by, quoting and dealing, with amounts that are completely unnecessary. Sure, some people are going to pay cash, but car sales training teaches that most are going to finance.

Hold The Line

This automobile sales training tip is to Never, Never, Never sell price. NEVER. If I had the choice out of three quotes to be the lowest, middle or highest, I would (EVERY TIME) choose to be the highest. Always. Why?

Why do decision makers drive BMW’s, Mercedes and other high price cars? Why, because most clients want the best. If they are successful in business it’s because they are good at what they do. They are striving for something other than being the cheapest.

Here is an example of two salesman’s months:

Salesman A has a product that cost $2,000. He is the cheapest and sells them for $2500. He makes 40% of the profit over the $2000 cost. This equals $200. He proposes 4 deals at the $2500 and closes 3 of them earning a total of $600 in commission.

Salesman B has the same product and %. He proposes 4 deals at $4995 and closes only 1 of them earning a total of $1,196.00 in commission. HMMM. Let’s do the math.

The automobile sales training lesson here is it’s better to hold the line, even if you make fewer sales. But here’s something strange; the top producers are also the ones that make the most profit as well. They are the ones that build more value into the sale before they close it.

The secret to great income from sales is to hone your skills to be able to close 3 out of the 4 sales at the higher price and make $3,588.00.

The price salesman is doomed to starve. At his cheap price, it’s hard to sell enough to make a living. If he’s good he may survive, but never be truly successful until he learns to build more value and close at higher margins.

If you go to your local Mercedes dealership and ask about the latest car available they will tell you that you have to be on a waiting list upon ordering it may take 6 months to a year and you will pay 25% over retail. I like it. They sell ‘em like hot cakes!

Auto Sales Training 'Rapport Close'

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An automobile sales training tip I discovered was the rapport building selling technique. It requires a lot of work, but if you enjoy sales and like to make lots of money it’s not work, it’s fun.

Most automobile sales training teaches to try to sell what’s on their lot, right here, right now. I agree this is the best sales practice; however, if a customer is looking for something else other than what you have and you get resistance when trying to turn them to what you have in stock, ask them permission to be their salesman. That’s right, stop selling cars and sell yourself.

That is, sell yourself to them, to agree to let you find it for them exactly what they want. Stay in touch with them often and report of your progress. Let them know when something is coming in.

Set appointments for them to come look at their car as you get them in till you find the perfect one for them. If you know for sure that they aren’t going to buy what’s on your lot right now, this is the only way to keep them, build rapport.

Further, after a sale is made, stay in touch with them, quarterly at least. Pick up the phone and call them. Ask how their vehicle is working, are they happy with it, do they know anyone else that’s car shopping?

If you develop a relationship with your client you will increase repeat sales and get more referrals. It’s work, but it’s worth it.

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