Automotive Sales Training Class Assume Consent

Whatever automotive sales training may have taught you in the past about the assume consent close, I challenge you to keep an open mind about the new look and feel of the close as described here.

First, let’s look at the past ‘assume consent’ close and how it was used. Long ago, prospects were not as educated as they are today. Car salespeople were also not as respected as they are today. The single most important point of a close, back then, was to get the objection out so you could cover it and move to close.

This is why it was used in the past. It was very uncomfortable for both the seller and buyer. It did work, because prospects were caught off guard and instantly spilled out their objection to the salesperson, and the game was on!

In today’s market, the old assume consent close would be considered rude and ill mannered. Prospects are smart and most of them are aware of the old sales tactics. So, how can we use the assume consent close today?

Use the assume consent close as a natural way of moving the sale forward near the end of the sales process. What do I mean by this? Say they have completed the test drive; you have discussed the price, payment amount and covered any objections up to this point. You now have two choices; ask for the order or assume consent.

Here is a perfect automotive sales training example: Let’s compare it to dating. Stay with me! I got a point here, really.

Jack and Sally go on a date. (Compare this to the test drive.) After the date is over they stop on the front porch. (Compare this to the discussion period where you talk price.) Then what does Jack do? (Compare this to the assume consent close.) Does he ask for a kiss? Never! Just kiss her Jack. People like confidence, but only when it’s OK. You have to be aware of this and don’t be pushy, just confident.

In other words, use the assume consent close to naturally move the deal forward when it is right to do so. When everything has been said and the answer is 99% yes, just move forward with the paperwork. You could get an objection, but that’s OK, cover it and try again. Use it near the end of the sales process, not in the beginning.

Here's one more example: When you order my new book Sales Cross-Training I will put your name on the list and personally sign one for you. Thank you for the order and I hope you enjoy the book. How's that for an assume consent close? Hey, I got to practice what I preach!

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