Car Sales Closes Example: The Take Away Close

This car sales closes example is great if prospect is ready to make a deal and just needs a little push to make it happen.

It's important to remember to use the take away as just a gentle nudge, not the main close.

There is also a fantastic page about this at Let's go Fishing!

Here is an example I saw first hand: have a special signal and have another salesperson come in, interrupt you politely, and ask if he can have the keys to the car, the one you are closing.

Ask him if he can wait a minute that you think it’s spoken for. If they are close to buying, this works every time.

Another one was when the prospect points out a car they want info on, tell the customer that you think that car is sold, but let's go check just to make sure.

Still another is: the rebate program ended yesterday, however, lets go ask for it anyway, just to make sure.

The take away can be used outside of the close. If fact, the take away can be used intermittently throughout the sales process.

Any ‘take away’ in the close must only be used after you have covered all objections and when they just need a little nudge to get the deal.

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