Car Sales Trainer The Puppy Dog Close

Puppy Dog

The car sales trainer ‘puppy dog’ close is used when you have a product that you can let you client try for a short period.

You want to use this one as the last resort; it’s best to close them without the ‘puppy dog’, however, don’t lose the sale by being stubborn. Qualify them as a 90%’er and let them try it.

And yes, I am using the ‘puppy dog’ close on you with this car sales training class. By letting you see a sample of what's in the book, I’m hopeful you will like the sales cross-training concept and order the Sales Cross-Training Book.

Just like the puppy, the kid wants it, the parents say no! Then the storeowner says “I tell you what, take it home for the weekend, let your kids get tired of it, then return it Monday. There's no obligation and puppy will enjoy playing instead of locked up in this cage” Over the weekend.

Sure enough, the kids gets tired of it, but the parents fall in love and the close is made!

Take the car home for the weekend and see how it drives. Don't decide now, try it out and decide at home. The neighbors, family, friends and work buddys ask about it and so on.

Sucessful copier reps use this sales strategy almost every time. Once the prospect tries it out for a few days, they can't live without it.

I saw Ralph, the car man, use this sucessfully 6 out of 6 times. His sales strategy was to use this only if his prospect met the following buying criterior:

1. They were credit worthey.

2. He felt he wasn't able to close them that day.

3. He felt they sincerely wanted the car.

If they met the above sales profile, they left with the car and returned to make the deal.

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