Car Sales Training Day-7

Car sales training is probably the most interesting sales cross study I have completed.

I found a car salesman in Texas that everybody said was the best. He consistently earned 250K per year and always sold more autos than the other salespeople combined.

He didn't want to be famous, so we will just call him Ralph.

Ralph allowed me to work with him for 8 weekends. Yes, you heard me right, weekends.

Ralph took off Mondays and a half day on Sunday and worked the rest of the week.

The first thing I noticed about Ralph was that he really enjoyed his job. He was passionate about selling cars.

The best sales advice he gave me was to close when the answer is yes.

This car selling example is shared at the bottom of this page. Enjoy!

During my 8-week adventure in car sales training I watched him use several closes, which are listed below.

The Columbo Close
This is the "Just One More Thing" closing technique.

The Take Away Close
Well, may be you shouldn't look at this one...

The Covered Objection Close
How to set up the objection for the close.

The Assume Consent Close
I'm sure you will like this one.

The Puppy Dog Close
Try this one out and decide for yourself.

If your looking for a car bill of sale printable version we have one for you free of charge.

Close when the answer is yes. This may sound silly, but about 90% of all car salesmen close to early or too late. The right time to close is when the answer is yes, not before and not after. When to close is just as important as the close itself.

During the sales process you will have many buying signs and several times that the client is ready to buy. You must be aware of these and take advantage of the moment, because when the moment has passed, it’s too late.

We use some dating comparisons during our car sales training classes. Say a guy and girl go out on the first date. When the guy picks her up the first thing he does is ask her to wed? No. Everybody knows that there’s a warming up period, even before the first kiss.

First, you get to know them and share some experiences, then, when the answer is yes, go for the kiss, not too soon, and not too late. Selling a car, closing, is no different; in fact, most of the same principles apply.

Don't listen to the old school car sales training that teaches closing right off the bat. This old theory was used to try to immediately get the objection. It worked, but it's now considered rude and the market we're dealing with these days are far more educated.

Consider yourself more as a consultant during the close. If you can get your client to see you as a consultant, you can close even better.

Back to the date; if you establish rapport, share some experiences; test the water with a kiss or trial close, then your chances of rejection are slim. It’s also important for them to feel like you are interested in them and not just your own needs.

You can also learn a lot of strategies from seeing how other people advertise and market cars. Finding phrases, moving words, and calls to action are just some ideas that I have picked up.

For example, notice the ads below and see if any get your attention. What may move you to look? Learn these techniques and use them in your own sales process. Who knows, you may even find a car!

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