Career Sales Training Day-11

The best career sales training certainly is Sales Cross-Training. This sales class is dedicated to studying the best of the best in the sales industry’s mixed vertical markets. To learn more about Sales Cross-Training go from career sales training to About Sales Cross-Training.

In your career of selling you will be taught many different ways of selling, closing, prospect and customer service. Use them all in your melting pot of success to form the perfect sales strategy that works for you.

It may not, no, will not, be the same for every salesperson. This is how I found my success using Sales Cross-Training.

Go to the sales seminars, sales meetings, do team selling and exchange ideas. Keep what works for you and throw the rest by the side.

Have you ever noticed that some people can assume consent and others feel uncomfortable with it? Some can ask for the order and some wait till the client asks for the product. It’s OK, do your thing.

I once saw a sales manager make a young woman cry while role playing a tough close situation. He apologized and told her to toughen up because the sales business is hard. She later became the top producer and cried like a baby all of the time.

It was funny when I finally did some career sales training with her, and sure enough, she cried near the end of the close when the client rejected her. He quickly brought forth the objection, which we covered and signed the deal. What pressure I felt! She was worse that the toughest closer.

I’m not, in any way, saying to cry during the close. What I am saying is that it worked for her. If I cried they would probably throw me out on my ear! This is an extreme example of doing what works for you and what you are comfortable with.

She was not comfortable asking for the order or the objection, so she cried instead. This accomplished the same thing and pulled out the objections, if there were any. It only worked on men, but boy did it work.

Another fellow I worked with came right out in the beginning and asked, What’s it going to take to get your business? Wow, too strong for me. But for him it was quite comfortable. And he usually got an answer, which he followed to the close.

There are many techniques in career sales training that work for some and not others. I personally have found a soft, gentle close combined with a take away works very well for me. I use several closes, but this one has been my most successful.

Focus on career sales training that works for you. Focus on building your strengths, not improving your weaknesses. Focus on constantly learning about your industry and the field of selling.

Diversify your career sales training. I have had several sales training coaches during my career. I recommend learning from many sources, including sales coaches.

The more you learn, the more tools you will have in your bag to use. Learn them all, but only keep the ones that work best for you. Remember that salespeople are not clones. Salespeople are each very unique individuals with different strengths and skill sets.

There are some things that are common in the sales industry. Learn your product inside and out. Learn your industry. Learn the objections common in your field. Past that, try to develop your own style.

I once heard a sales manager say that you must be different than your competition. It then dawned on me that if I had to be different, then, there is no mold, no box.

Your Career Sales Training

A very wise salesman told me If you want to be a doctor, learn from the best doctor. If you want to be a lawyer, learn from the best lawyer. If you want to be a great salesman, learn from a great salesman.

Not to disrespect any sales managers, however, sometimes companies put their best people in the field and their most organized, reliable, average salespeople in management. Other companies put their best salespeople in management to teach others.

My point here is, learn from the best in your industry to become the best. You may be surprised, but most successful salespeople will gladly help someone who is sincerely interested in becoming great.

See, there is enough business out there for everyone. The successful salesperson knows this. The greatest complement you could possibly give someone is to ask him or her to teach you.

One of the greatest men who ever lived said Give a man some fish, and he eats for a day. Teach him to fish, and he and his family will never go hungry.

Most successful sales people will indeed pay it forward.

Remember to do the same when you are approached one day.

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