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Lauren from USA writes: I am in a very competitive market. Almost every deal I get comes down to price now days. I use to make good commissions, but not it’s become a cutthroat business. How can I charge more money and still get my fair share of the deals?

Sales Advice Well Lauren, that question requires a big answer, take a seat! First of all, you said “almost every deal” in you question. I’m going to make a big assumption and assume that the deals you are making decent profit on are the ones that competition is not involved in.

There are two things you have to do to survive in a competitive market. One, it to charge a high price and Two, blow away the competition. There are a few pages in here in Sales-Class on this topic I will refer you too. They are Hold the Line and, Find the Bradford Pear!

First, how do you set a higher price? Your price point should be higher than your competition. In order to do this you have to use value selling. Dealing with you, and your company, should be more appealing than when dealing with your competition.

Here are some examples of value you can add. Your integrity, your company’s integrity, your references, testimonials, peripherals or an add on, warranties, returns, length in business, latest technology, these are just a few. Add every thing you can to you and your product that is different than you competition.

Here is also a great page just on Value Selling.

Second, blow your competition away by being different. Sell for more and offer a lower interest rate. Mark it up and offer a rebate. Sell higher and offer a higher trade in. Get more and offer longer warrantees.

Whatever it takes, be different, separate yourself from the competition, be the best and charge more!

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