Closing Techniques
The "Covered Objection"

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This closing techniques class is about creating the covered objection and controlling the sales flow. Say your client mentions interest rates. First, you qualify that they are concerned about the interest rate, may be during the test drive. Further, you probe for their target monthly amount they are looking for.

When you return to the office you discuss the numbers and move to close using this covered objection technique. Let's use this selling example:

As you can see, Mr. Client the payment amount came out a little higher than you requested because of the high interest rates banks are offering now. (In the same breathe say) However, I will be willing to discount the selling price to offset this and meet your payment amount requested, in fact it will be $3.28 cents per month less than your target.

What you did here is presented a “covered objection” during the close, that was uncovered during the test drive. The interest rate can now, no longer be an objection. Further, if you build this discount into your selling price, it cost you nothing. This close technique made more smooth closes than any other I saw him use.

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