Copier Sales Training

In this competitive vertical sales market, copier sales training is a must have to stand a chance out there.

Many skill sets are required to win the office machine business.

Today we are going to study one sales professional and what he does that sells copiers.

What do the top copier sales reps do?

I found one of the nations most successful copier sales reps in Virginia. This guy was making over $200,000 per year selling copiers!

He wasn’t the owner or even a manager, just a salesman with a territory. After explaining our sales cross-study project, he agreed to let me tag along for six weeks to see what he was doing.

My father once told me that if you want to learn something, find someone who is already great at it, and ask him or her to teach you. This guy was it! Sam was the ultimate copier salesman.

During our work together, I noticed that Sam had several sales practices that were consistent during his daily routine. Let’s take a look at what he was doing.

Early Bird Worm Getter

Every morning he started his day at 6:30 at the office. By the time the other reps got there he was ready to go. He started each day reviewing his sales process. This included prospecting, cold calls, demos, presentations and closes.

He spoke out loud, each step in his sales process and practiced as if in front of a client. May be that’s why he went so early, to have the privacy and not be locked up for talking to himself?

The company he worked for had copier sales training every morning where they would review the pending sales. He would again practice his presentation and closing skills using role-playing. He would role-play his presentations and closes for that day. All of the salesmen did this, but you could tell, Sam was in to it.

End of Day Organizer

At the end of each day he would return to the office around 4:00 and make the plan for the next day. He printed proposals, wrote e-mails, did paperwork, returned phone calls and so on. When he left, which was sometimes 6:00, he was ready for the next day and free to enjoy his family.

Very Professional Sales Letters

He used software where he created some of the most compelling sales letters I have ever seen. When he sent a letter, usually by E-Mail, his prospects almost always called him back! Using the written tools is just as important as the verbal when selling.

It kept him better than his competition. He said that this left his brain room to think about other things and not using it to think of how to write persuasively.

Continued Copier Sales Training

During each day Sam would take 30 minutes and read on a book about selling. He did this without fail each day. Sometimes in the morning and sometimes during lunch, but I never saw him skip a day, not one. I think that continuing his copier sales training is one of the key elements of Sam’s success.

Closing Skills

I witnessed him using multiple closes depending on the client and the situation. He used the basic sales principles and you could tell he was comfortable with it. He used the Puppy Dog Close on every deal since they practiced demos.

They cold called businesses and closed for a demo only. He never talked price, just try it out. I also saw him use the Columbo , Assume Consent as well as the Take Away Close.

All of these closes are explained in detail, just click on one to study.

He was very straightforward with his clients and frequently asked how he could earn their business. He never sold for cash. When a client asked for a cash price he responded that they didn’t sell them, they just leased them. He always sold the payment, never cash.

Sam’s Sales Process

Sam had a very definite sales process. He would sometimes say it out loud;. 20 calls, get the demo, fall in love, present the numbers, and wrap it up, referrals. Here’s a detail outline of the copier sales training process he used. This was his belief of why he was successful and made a point of sharing it with me several times.

His copier sales training had taught him a combination that works and he just kept repeating it day after day. Sam’s success was just repeating what worked for him. His consistency with this was also very evident.

Likable and Helped Others

Sam was a very fun, likable guy. He always helped the other salespeople in the field, sometimes more than his manager. Because of his success in closing he would often go with another rep on the close.

May be this extra practice helped hone his sales skills. He always had something to add in the copier sales training meeting.

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