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door to door sales

Door to door selling is making a comeback. Because of the do not call ban (which people can opt out of the telemarketers call lists) many companies are going back to this old method of selling in order to reach their client base.

Using Sales Cross-Training we will look at the tried and true method of the vacuum cleaner sales industry. For over 90 years Kirby has been door-to-door selling. They not only pioneered the in home demonstration but have perfected it to such a fine art we just had to cross study their best practice of door to door marketing.

I took a part time job selling Kirby’s on the weekends to first hand study their sales process. Wow, what a fun Sales Cross-Training project! I worked for 12 weekends and sold 16 units for a total of $3,820 in commissions. Now let’s take a look at their sales training and unique approach to door to door selling.

First is the sales meeting: I have been in some exciting ones, but they really know how to get you motivated in the AM. They start out by singing!

That’s right singing. This was a little uncomfortable to me at first, but I soon caught on and realized that on Saturday morning, all dressed up, singing in front of your fellow salesmen, you just can’t be put down by a few no’s. This was a great motivation sales technique.

If you want to see more about selling Kirby's go from door to door training to KIRBY.COM Just have a good pair of shoes and a great singing voice!

Now, let’s analyze their door-to-door sales process. They have a two-tiered sales strategy made up of the bird dogs and the closers. I started out working my first two weekends as a bird dog.

The bird dogs, or dogs as we were called, went door to door to get the in home demonstration. They found that one out of every four demos resulted in a sale no matter what the prospect said on the initial call. So we didn’t qualify anyone. If they were breathing, we set the demo.

Sure enough, one out of four demos converted to a sale. Using this information they developed a success plan that has sold millions of vacuum cleaners worldwide and developed the industry of door-to-door sales.

They paid me $30 for each demo I set up, and boy I went to town. However, this is for the young, I quickly realized that my days of walking Ten plus miles a day are over, ouch, my puppies were hurting.

I quickly got the position of a closer after passing my demo test and off I went. The first Saturday I did five demos and sold none. The following Saturday I went into the sales meeting with my tail between my legs and after singing felt a little better.

My second Saturday started right off the bat with a sale! Then I was saying bring it on! I did another five demos and sold one more. All in all I did the average of one out of four. They were right on the money with their numbers. Do the demos and they will buy.

Here’s how the demo went. The (dogs) set up the demo by offering to shampoo one room of the prospects house for free. I would show up and start to work doing the shampoo first. This gave me the opportunity to build report.

Then, as the carpet dried (20 minute drying time) the demo was on. I showed the FABs (feature-advantage-benefits) and ended up on the bed! HOLD ON! I would have a clean bag and vacuum their mattress for about 10 seconds. Then dump it out back on the bed.

Boy, what reactions people had? Most people aren’t aware, and don’t want to be, of what they are sleeping on. Neither was I. I would look at them and say:

Is it worth a dollar fifty cents a day not to sleep in this?

If they said yes, it was closed. The payment came out to $1.52 cent per day. I would clean up the mess and start the paperwork. This closing technique has worked for years and it’s all because of getting in front of them.

The door to door sales technique of setting up the demo, regardless of what their objections are, can be used in many vertical markets with similar results.

This Sales-Class was one of my best experiences in Sales Cross-Training…and one of the hardest, physically. I lost about 10 pounds but I look at it as my personal weight loss program that paid me over $300 per pound. HMMM, might have something there?

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