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Most successful salespeople use feature advantage benefit or FAB as a natural way of communicating to their clients the value of their product. This Sales-Class is about understanding why, how and when to use FABs in your sales process.

First, let’s look at why to use FAB selling. The feature is just that, a feature of your product that may be just like your competitors feature. However, if your client can see the value in this feature, they will see your product as superior than your competitors. The challenge then is to be the one, not your competitor that shows this value to them.

Second, to move towards the client seeing the value in your product you would next point out the advantage of your products feature. This moves your client closer to seeing the value. It’s a logical step that will allow the client to personalize this feature in his own mind that there is an advantage.

Third, bring it home by describing the benefit of the advantage your client will have that directly relates to the feature of your product.

This will set your product apart from the competition because your client will see the value in the feature. Even though your feature may be the same as your competitors, when your clients light bulb goes off, you are the one that helped them see the value in your product.

Here is a FAB example:

FAB selling is a tool that describes the feature advantage benefits of your product. The advantage of using FABs is that your client will see the value of your product and separate you from the competition. What this means to you is that by using FAB selling you will close more deals and make more commission. Hey! We FAB the FAB!

Now lets look at how to use the FAB selling. The feature advantage benefit process should be a natural flow of communicating. It should be part of your normal way of talking to your client.

Remember, your goal of using this sales process is for your client to see the value in your product. If you are competing against other products with similar features, this tool will give you the advantage if you are the one who points out the FABs to your client.

Finally, let’s look at when to use FABs. Pick several features of your product that you feel will interest your particular client. Clients are different and you should pick the features that will interest them.

When reviewing your product, point out these features one at a time and FAB each. Always look for the light bulb to go off in your clients head. Make note of any of these ‘light bulb’ moments so you can possibly convert these to a hot button close later.

When you do your final presentation you want to point out the feature advantage benefit of each one that your client liked. By reviewing these FABs in your final presentation you remind the client why you have the best product and are the one who has their interest at heart. Then move to close.

Sales-Class did a sales staff training seminar in Denver about FAB selling in the construction and remodeling industry. To study the review of the class go to Advanced Use of FAB.

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