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Day-4's focus is on combining best sales practices of multiple industries and creating the perfect sales process.

Here is an example of combining the best of two sales industries to create the perfect sales process. Use this example as a reference in your own business to see how you can pick different best sales practices to create your own perfect sales process.

With health clubs popping up everywhere, there is a now a tremendous focus on fitness sales training. Just like car sales, you have a pre-qualified buying audience. When they show up there looking for information, you have a more than a pre-qualified buyer, you also have a captive audience.

The most successful fitness sales training programs use a two-tier system, just like the car dealer. It is by far the most effective sales process and has been refined for decades by the automobile industry, so let’s not reinvent the wheel. Using Sales Cross-Training let’s just put two of them together and see what we have.

There is one basic difference. You are selling an intangible product like the insurance industry. Combining the strategies from the car dealer and the insurance sales industries makes the perfect combination.

First, you have to get them there. By far the best way is the referral program. Since the buddy system is the most successful way to fitness train, it is a logical way to get referrals. Give out free passes to all of your members to give to their friends.

Most people will come for 4 to 6 times, and then get board with it. So you have a very short window of opportunity to close them. The 3-visit pass with one free training session and one evaluation session is a very good procedure.

During the first visit they would get their free evaluation, tour and short workout. An appointment is then set up for their next visit where they get their workout schedule based on their needs and goals established in their evaluation.

Finally, during this visit another appointment is set up to discuss their evaluation with the fitness coordinator, who during their fitness sales training has learned to design a program, just for them, to help them attain their goals. The person that has worked with them for the first 2 visits makes a reminder call the day before the appointment.

Next, when they get there you have to have a top-notch salesperson to close them, the fitness coordinator. They discuss and present a proposal tailored to the clients needs. This may include personal training, membership fees and peripheral items.

Again, always quote the monthly payment. Two dollars per day sounds so much better than $750 per year. So break it down to the day or month to get the highest close ratio. The most profitable businesses offer a 24 and 36 month program.

The presentation must be about the client focusing on the benefits for them. Top fitness sales training teaches that you must help them see into the future; their goals, health, longevity, beautiful sleek body, love life or whatever the reason they are there for.

The trainer (salesperson) that worked with them the first two visits discovers all these reasons. Both should be present during the close.

After the sale is made start the referral process immediately. Offer to give them a free month for each referral they give that joins. Help them start a list and give them a stack of “$20.00 Value” coupons to give to their friends…(This coupon offer good for one person to use only once) disclaimer and such.

The best time to get referrals is in the beginning when they are the most motivated. The first referral is to impress upon them the need for a buddy to improve the chances of success with their program. Get them to find their ‘buddy’.

By Sales Cross-Training best practices of two different sales industries, fitness sales training has developed the perfect sales process.

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