Free Auto Sales Training Day-10

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Understanding your client

Yes, client is the word to identify your potential customer. Most successful salespeople see themselves as consultants rather than salesmen. Why? People go to consultants for advice and assistance when making a purchase. People go to a salesman after they have made up their mind on what to buy.

So, a consultant always gets first pick from the clients. Which do you want to be? In order to establish yourself as a consultant you must steer the client with information that’s seen as in their best interest. I wouldn’t buy this one; I would make sure of the warranty and so on.

You must ask the questions for your client and it must appear that it’s in their interest that you are working.

This free auto sales training teaches to transfer this belief, in you, as a consultant, the clients will not just buy, but return over and over again. Further, they will refer their friends and feel confident that you will take care of them.

Buying signs

What exactly is a buying sign? It is when a client speaks of the car, or product, in future tense as if they had it. Examples are; this sure drives well, this will be nice on our trip, we can fit all of the groceries in here, this gas mileage will save us a bundle, oh, and the neighbors will be envious. Any statement that is positive; seeing them going forward with the purchase.

When a buying sign appears, what do you do? First, I wouldn’t recommend trying to close it based on this factor alone. Buying signs should be reinforced by asking questions specific to their statement.

Examples are: This car does drive well? You can almost make the payment with what you save in gas? It will be nice having the nicest car in the neighborhood, won’t it?

Rephrase and Repeat

Many times during the sales process your client will say something positive about how your product benefits them. To further reinforce this in their mind rephrase and repeat it.

Example: I like the way this drives. I know. It’s nice to have a car that handles this well.

Example: This has a lot more room than what I am used too. Your right! This car is one of the roomiest in its class. Feels nice, doesn’t it?

You can’t close on every point, every 2 minutes, so rephrase and repeat to reinforce the positives. Just like when you were in school, you hear it, and then write it for better retention.

With clients, they speak it, and then hear it rephrased and repeated for better retention. This process is used as building blocks along the sales process to build the value above the selling price. Build the value till it exceeds the sales price, and then close. Then you will have a win, win.

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