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This house to sell training example was probably my most fun Sales Cross-Training experience.

I didn’t have a license to sell real estate and I didn’t have the time to take off work to get one.

So what I did was find the most successful real estate agent in the state I was living in and called Ms. Sandra.

I told Sandra about my Sales Cross-Training adventure and she agreed to let me tag along for a few Saturdays to see her in action. I played the part of her assistant.

Over a period of eight weekends I was able to go on 14 showings and watched her close 6 of them with the same closing technique.

The Bradford Pear Tree story is one of the most effective selling techniques I have ever witnessed.

house to sell

Sandra started with a qualifier, having both decision makers present. Then she began looking for the Bradford Pear Tree. Here we go….

On our first call together we walked in the front door and the wife (the key influencer and real decision maker) immediately was drawn to the large living room window and commented on the beautiful bradford pear tree.

The client said,

"when I was a little girl the house where I grew up had a blossoming bradford pear tree just like this."

Sandra talked about the living room briefly then moved to the kitchen. The husband mentioned that the kitchen was small and outdated.

Sandra didn’t hesitate and pointed to the kitchen window to the view of the beautiful tree. The wife again was in awe over the view.

We then went to the master and the husband said how the carpets needing replacing and the closet space was not enough for his wife. Sandra walked over to the window and pulled the blinds revealing the spectacular view of the blossoming bradford pear tree. The wife again was taken back with this.

Room after room had this view. When we finished Sandra recapped that from almost every room there was this beautiful view of the blossoming bradford pear tree. The husband recapped all of the things wrong. Then the wife looked at him and said that this was the one, her dream house. The deal was made, SOLD!

This house to sell training example shows that there is a blossoming bradford pear tree in every sale. Sandra new this real estate sales training technique and she also new how to probe to find it at every house.

Each time she had a house to sell it was the same sales technique, finding the ‘blossoming bradford pear tree’ as the yard, the pool, the tub, the shower, the closet, the game room or the media room. It was spectacular watching her work. Over and over again, she managed to find it and convert the house to a sale.

My point here is that if you have a house to sell and can help your clients find the blossoming bradford pear tree in your product it will overcome many objections. If you embellish it during your sales process the value will build far above the price and possible objections. This real estate sales example was used every time by Sandra and made her very wealthy.

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