How To Sell

Learning how to sell is a life long process. There have been many sales secrets and skills that I have picked up along the way. By far, the one that has had the most impact on my sales career has been the discovery of how to sell more using sales cross-training.

Learning the best sales practices in several different sales industries opened so many options that I never ran out if closes or ideas to cover objections. Each industry studied showed strengths in certain areas and weaknesses in others.

Each sales industry had something special. Some strategy, close, prospecting technique, marketing strategy to just a way of doing the same selling, just different, that made sense to them, and their clients.

Understanding these sales skills and practices and applying them to your own sales process will give you the answer to every objection, the idea to spin, the angle to close on, and open the door where others have been turned away. To study some of these practices visit our INDEX page and choose a field outside of yours to see what’s working for them. See if any of these best sales practices may work to help increase your sales.

I recently visited a company where in this recent poor economic period was experiencing their own sales recession. They had asked me to help with some sales training to show them how to sell during a recession. I sat in their sales meeting and I thought I was at a funeral.

It really broke my heart to see the despair and hopelessness when the solution was so simple. The following week we did the sales meeting different.

First, we started out with the announcement of a sales contest. A sales contest to beat all contests! The sales contest was based on activity, not results. Any good sales manager will agree that activity produces results. When you have depressed activity, you get depressed sales people. Sales people thrive on being out there. Don’t you feel better when you have just made a good call? We all do!

Second, we pointed out how blessed we were to be in the right place at the right time. The product they sold could actually save their clients money! That’s right, save them money! Can your product save money, increase productivity, improve performance? If so, then the market is begging for you. Begging for your help show them this. How to sell becomes easier this way.

In slow economic times, companies look for ways to cut cost, improve productivity and increase revenue. Answer this question and provide the solution and you not only make a sale, but help your client as well.

You must have this attitude if you are to be successful. Your product or service must be good for the client and you must believe this with a passion.

After sharing this mental state of mind with the group we reviewed how are clients could save money and increase their productivity with the product and found a new synergy that swept the room. The motivation was there to produce the activity necessary to bring in the bacon.

The following month was one of the best in the company’s history and several of the salespeople went home with a little extra jingle.

The point here is that you can get caught up in a sales slump and it will feed itself in to a never-ending pit of no’s. It’s very contagious and if left untreated can cause career death.

Find the reason. Find the motivation. Find why the client needs your product and produce the activity necessary to get the deals. Without the activity, you will be without sales.

With the activity the sales flourish. Just do it and forever continue learning how to sell!