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Everybody has a sales and income thermostat. This sales training is about understanding and setting your thermostat. People are used to making a certain amount of money, as well as, a certain amount of sales.

When you make a little less your thermostat kicks in and you work a little harder and smarter adjusting it up to where your comfort zone is. By the same token, when you make a little more, get a big bonus, have a big month, you thermostat kicks in and you settle down into your comfort zone.

This is exactly where I was stuck for years. I had set my thermostat at $100K per year. For years I made between $96K and $110K. Finally, something happened. Something Bad! I had a financial crisis. My mother was completely wiped out in Hurricane Katrina. She lost everything.

I went to her aid, moved her spent all of my money on hand and borrowed a lot more. I went into panic mode; my thermostat went to emergency strips. Over the next 6 months I made an extra $50K over my normal income.

Then it dawned on me. All of this time, all of the sales training experience within me, I had become complacent with what I thought was a successful income. HA! How foolish I was. I then realized I had a thermostat and that I could control it instead of it controlling me.

I got in debt, bought a second home and loaded out my 401K, college fund for my kids, helped friends and family. I even put money in a CD and borrowed it back from the bank to have more payments to meet.

I may have gone a little overboard, but it worked. I'm not recommending that you go in debt, but you do need to create some anxiety to trigger your thermostat. The first year my income went to $250K. The next year was $300K. I reset my thermostat to $300K and have hit a high of $328K.

When writing about the income thermostat I realized that I’m stuck again and it’s all relative. My income thermostat is stuck here for now. I have realized there is one more thing for me to do: Pay it Forward and SHARE THIS WITH MY FELLOW SALESMEN.

Setting your thermostat isn’t easy, but once you realize you have one, it can be done. First you have to realize that your super computer, your mind, your subconscious mind, sees all as fact. From Santa Claus to the Easter Bunny It sees all as real. So, try this experiment.

Close your eyes…not now…LOL…but imagine you are short on money a little. If you usually are short, imagine you are a little shorter financially than you usually are. Feel the anxiety? This is the natural response and the ideas of how to make more start to fly! You don’t want to go to far at first, just try to understand that it’s all-real, to your subconscious.

The first step in this process is to realize that you have a thermostat and it controls you. The next step is to figure out how to set it to where you want. When you set it, let it control your actions to get you there. It works just like the one at your house.

I always remind myself that if Donald Trump made what I made this year his thermostat would explode. It’s all relative to the person. Some are set high; some are set low. Where is yours set?

This class is about changing your mind. There is a fantastic site that goes deep into understanding the process of changing minds. Check them out at

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