Life Insurance
Sales Training Day-8

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Selling life insurance certainly qualifies as an intangible sale.

This is a high profile sales position where the highly successful salesperson presents reputation, trust, intelligence and a low-pressure sales environment usually in their clients’ home.

The industry has developed great communication skills and a superb referral program.

Life insurance marketing or selling any abstract product you must use your creativity to convey your message. You can’t just throw out there that your wife and kids will end up living at the projects in the hood if they die without having this. They have developed a way to get this message across without actually saying it, first, being tactful, and second, by letting the client be the one to actually say it.

First and foremost, successful life insurance sales training teaches to always, have the spouse there, period. Don’t present without the husband and wife together. The reason is two fold. Both decision makers are present and the breadwinner is usually doing this for the other. There is a powerful motivation for the breadwinner to take care of the other. When completing the financial consult for determining the amount, the spouse certainly influences the decisions of, where to live, money for shopping, education and so on.

What we learn in life insurance sales training that applies to all sales is to present to the decision makers only. Don’t waste your time presenting to people that cannot buy, or presenting to just the decision makers without the key influencers present.

If you are presenting an IT product to the president of a company, you want to have the IT person (influencer) there. When you make a trial close of a value point the president will look over to the IT guy and get the nod. This is critical when the decision to present was made by others and presenting to the decision maker.

Here’s a life insurance sales training example: Mr. Bob, the first step with my clients is to consult with them to figure out the recommended amount of coverage you will need to meet your goals. This isn’t to say you need this amount, but this helps you to be aware of how your family will continue based on certain amounts looked at. We want to accomplish your goals and this will help us do just that. Would you want them to continue to live here in this house? How much is currently owed on it?

These questions puts the client into the position of imagining his family either living in this house, a smaller house or in an apartment and so on. They usually don’t go for the apartment with the spouse sitting there. These types of questions, like education, vehicle, food, and doctors are asked which maximizes the amount of insurance sold.

Life insurance sales training teaches us to remember to maximize our sales with value added services and peripheral items. If you sell cars, max out the options, warranties and so on. If you build the added value to the client it’s easier to move them to the close.

Finally, the life insurance sales training referral process is by far the best I’ve seen yet. My agent made two visits and on the third closed me like a spring door, in front of my wife who would have killed me if I decided for her move to an apartment after I died. The fourth visit was to deliver and go over my policy papers, again with both of us. Then he did it!

He asked me if I would mind allowing him to help one of my friends or associates? WOW. What do you say to that? He then said, he just needed their name and number and he would do the rest. He was very low-pressure and my wife looked at me and started spouting out names…John, Helen and so on.

As he started writing down the names, he stopped and said “by the way, if I am able to help any of your referrals with their insurance needs, I will pay 3 (three) months of your bill. Well, I won’t actually pay the bill, but I will write you a check in that amount for your time and trouble. I use this program because I would rather help my clients instead of spending money on advertising and marketing campaigns”.

Then I got involved. He left with over 12 names and my wife and I were on the phone calling to let them know how wonderful he was. Whew! Who would have thought I would have been cold calling that night to get leads for my insurance rep? What a great program.

I got 3 referral fees the first year from him and only paid 3 months worth of premiums. Well, I paid them all but got the bird dog fees to offset 9 months. Then it happened again. He maintained the relationship with me and after 14 months, came to see me to revisit my plan.

He did the entire evaluation again, increased my amount of coverage and reminded me that if I continued with the referral program that it may only cost me half that much. He left with another 5 names and on the phone I went again. LOL. I love it!

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