Lease Rate Calculator

Use our lease rate calculator below to figure your interest rate, buy-out amount or monthly payments. This is an excellent tool to answer you clients’ interest questions, figure out your competitions price or to use an implied interest rate strategy.

Have you ever been asked, what is your interest rate? Well, time to find out what it really is. You don't need to know calculus or have one of those fancy calculators. Just fill in the blanks and our calculator will give you the answer.

Have you ever been asked for a payment schedule or amortization schedule? Use our lease calculator to create one for your client!  

I recommend using the implied interest rate strategy. But to use this you will need to use the calculator in reverse to figure your selling price.

Clients will pay 10% more to get a better interest rate. Interest seems to be more important to those who lease than the actual selling price. The automobile dealerships have been using this leasing strategy for years.

Here is an example of the implied interest rate strategy: Say they have a car that retails for 20K. They can buy down the interest rate from 8.9 to 2.9 at a cost of $2,000.00. So instead of giving you, or even mentioning to you, there’s a $2,000.00 discount or rebate, they just offer you the 2.9% financing instead. It's an either/or option.

Do you really think that they give 2.9% interest? It's all built into the price. Use this lease rate calculator to figure it out. Fill in the selling price and the monthly payment you are quoting then get the interest rate. Then change the interest rate to the lower amount, leave the payment the same and calculate for the selling price.

This selling price is your new selling price with the implied interest rate. You actual price is the same, but you discount for the interest rate using your discount dollars in interest instead of a cash discount.

There is a good section in Sales-Class about how to price against your competition. Check it out, go from the Lease Rate Calculator to Pricing