New Homes Sales Training

New homes sales training uses the new Sales Cross-Training technique to show how to get the business in both good times and bad. By studying different vertical sales markets with Sales Cross-Training, you can learn the best sales practices from each and apply the ones you feel will enhance your own sales process.

In this real estate sales training course we will cross-study the new home sales practices from one of the best in the industry.

We were able to work four weeks doing new construction sales training with one of the top sales groups in the new home sales market.

First, we placed a couple of their realtors in the model home, which they had converted the garage to an office. The home was staged with fine furniture, the best appliances and all of the high tech upgrades.

The new homes sales training process was very simple and straightforward. The client would tour the home unattended, then return through the office on their way out. They would then discuss the neighborhood, schools, lots, yard, pool and on and on. What we were doing here is probing to find the hot buttons.

Here is one thing they were doing extremely well. When the wife said she needed a home office or when the husband needed a shop or maybe they both wanted a theater room, the salesperson would then make it personal by asking several yes questions like:

”Will you use the theater room for family movie night?”

“What will you work on in the shop?”

“Do you currently have an office in your home?”

After making it personal, they would then ask them to go out and look at the properties for sale in the neighborhood. They would drive with them and tour the house with them, always looking for the hot buttons to expand on.

Finally, after the home tour, the salesperson would invite the prospect back to the office to work up some pricing. The rep would then close for the credit application only. If the prospect allowed the credit application, 90% usually moved forward to close.

Closing on the minor point, but necessary one, brought commitment to the client and the salesperson continued with the assume consent approach. This seven step sales cycle worked great and allowed them to convert 12% of lookers to buyers. In today’s buyers market these are impressive numbers.

Tour the model
Probe for interest
Find the hot button
Tour the homes
Permission to price
Close for credit application
Assume consent through to close

I truly believe that if you want new homes sales training that you should learn from someone with great experience.

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