Online Sales Training Class
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Welcome to our online sales training class. In Sales Cross-Training we will study different vertical sales markets best practices and boil it all down here so you can pick and choose what may work in your sales process.

Because of time constraints on sales people the sales industry is turning more and more to online sales presentations to do live presentations on the Internet. To start with you need presentation software on your PC, like PowerPoint.

When I first got PowerPoint I fiddled around for a week or so trying to make sense of it all. Then I saw an ad on the TV where you could learn and I ordered it. It was the best $6.95 I ever spent. Learning the software allowed me to produce a professional looking presentation.

For this presentation example we will use the architectural sales industry for our cross-study. Large architectural firms are usually centrally located in large cities; it would take a sales rep or project manager several hours of travel time to be in front of a single client.

This limits the number of calls they can make. Their sales process has several steps and many of them they have turned to using the online sales training to complete. This has let to a tremendous increase in productivity for project estimators (salesmen).

The two steps that haven’t changed, and probably won’t, are the contract signing, the close, and the final inspection, the payment. However, the first meeting with the client usually involves company history, testimonials, concepts and developing interest. This is usually done on PowerPoint or some type of prepared computer presentation program.

The initial conceptual presentation is the one that has had the most impact. It allows the salesman to quadruple the number of calls by presenting online. Let’s take a look at the numbers first.

Say you have the physical ability to do 8 conceptual presentations in an 8-hour period of time. However, when you put travel time it can lower this number to just two. Bringing the client in has proven just as difficult time wise. Showing the presentation online you can get closer to 6 or 7 per day. In other words, quadruple, four times what you can do in person!

The conversion rate does drop slightly, however, because of the number of presentations you can do in a day you will increase your overall conversion rate. Their online sales training uses this to weed out the dead calls and just go in person to see the real qualified calls.

I have personally adopted this practice in step 2 of my 6 step sales process. After my initial call I set the appointment for the online sales presentation conceptual.

There are many computer software programs and sites out there to choose from and it gets quite confusing if you are not an IT guy. There are just two things to look out for.

First, you want to use a non-intrusive process that will just show your screen to the client while you have them on the phone.

Second, it must be very easy for your client. Just play the sales presentation, just like they were there in person and move them to the next step. The one I use is Glance. You can try it out for free to see if can work in your sales process.

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