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Susie from LA writes: There’s a client I have been trying to get too, like forever, and I can’t get past the receptionist. Any sales advice on how I might get in?

Sales Advice: So Susie, like, your selling question is, like, sweet! There’s a great class about just this prospecting question. Check it out at Prospecting Class.

Basically you want to forget about getting past the receptionist. I recommend you do some TOP DOWN selling. Let’s start with the president, senior vice president or vice president.

Look on the Internet, find and view their web site. Research their company, what they’re doing, who the top dogs are, what are they proud of and so on. Take this info and call one of the their top dogs and ask for their help.

That’s right; ask for their help getting in. Find some common ground by having some interest in their business, or ask a question about their business. Then simply ask whomever you get if they could help you get in.

You see, the receptionist (gatekeeper) is there to run blocker for these guys. Their job is to run you off. So, climb the fence and go around the gatekeeper to get in. I’m hopeful this answered your selling question; good luck and go for it!

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