Relationship Selling – The Buy and Buy

Relationship selling is almost impossible for your competitors to beat. If you have established a relationship with your client they will run your competition off before they have a chance to show their goods or services.

To start with, let’s look at the cycle of dating. SAY WHAT? Yes, dating.

By understanding the dating process, you can better understand the selling process, and why some sales people have such a repeat business they never have to cold call. Let’s take a look.

Here are the typical steps in the dating process.

First meeting or introduction
Second meeting
Get to know each other
First date, social gathering
Second date another social gathering
Romantic dinner or movie
Meet the parents
Pop the question
Engagement period

If you ask your date to marry on the first meeting, you will probably get rejected!

There is a process and following the steps of this process is necessary to have a successful relationship.

Now, let’s look at a typical sales process.

Cold call
Second cold call
Business meeting or event
Warm call or referral
Present to decision makers

If you ask your prospect to buy on the cold call, you will get rejected, just like above.

So write down the steps to your sales process and follow them. In fact, the more steps you have, the better the chance of relationship selling.

Relationship selling is simply the most powerful sales tool you could ever employ. Forget, for a moment, all the closes, trial closes and persuasive techniques. Establish a relationship with your client that will insure repeat business and referrals more than anything else.

How exactly do you establish this relationship?

First, you must find common ground; something outside of work, but not too far. Here are some relationship selling examples…

Birthday cards, Golf, Bowling, Hunting, Fishing, Personal collections, Golf balls, Pictures, Stamps, Baseball Cards, Figurines, Pictures, Kids, Grandchildren, Dancing, Biking, Hiking, and Weight loss.

I think you get the picture. You must find something that you relate too then expand on that. Add a golf ball to their collection, discuss fishing tips, share diet plans.

It does take some energy to do this, but clients want to buy from someone they like and trust. The best way to establish this is to find the common ground and relate to them.

After the sale is made, stay in touch with your client at least every 90 days. Drop them an e-mail to ask how it’s going. Most sales people never do this and just show back up when it’s time to renew.

Relationship selling is the ultimate continuing sales process that springs forth an eternal source of renewals and referrals.

Your client wants to deal with someone they feel cares about them. If you care about them, you must care about their company. Go get em!

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