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Final Exam

Name on your Certificate of Completion*
E-mail Address*
Which is the best price position?*
Lowest Price
Highest Price
What should you cost compare your product or services too?*
Industry standards
Your compitetion
Your clients current situation
Which is correct?*
I can save your company money
We can save your company money
Check the questions you should ask yourself when putting a deal together.*
Is it good for my client?
Is this the best price?
Is it good for my company?
Is it good for me?
Is this a good offer?
Find the one that's out of place.*
Situation Questions
Problem Questions
Financial Questions
Implication Questions
Need-Payoff Questions
The 'take-away' close is best used when?*
The main close to get the deal
IF all else fails before they leave
For a gentle nudge after covering all objections
Someone who fits your buying profile is?*
Choose the right order*
When the clients says yes?*
Keep selling to firm up the deal
Ask them for referrals quickly
Shutup and close the deal
If an influencer brought you in a deal, who do you need in the presentation?*
The decision maker only
The influencer only
Both the decision maker and influencer
Which is the best price to quote?*
$25,000 Cash
$450 per month
$25K or $450 per month
How should your clients see you?*
A super salesman
The least expensive
A consultant
How do you want to appear to your client?*
Like a million bucks
Like them
Like a very smart salesman
What is the take away close?*
Take the sale from the competition
Gently present & pull back the hot button
Make the sale and go fishing
What is a sales and income thermostat?*
Way to find out if you're HOT!
Something to guage performance of your sales and income
Subconscious regulating your sales and income
What does the decision maker want to hear?*
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