Sales Staff Training Denver Seminar Review

The sales staff training Denver class used the new Sales Cross-Training technique to show how to bring it home when using advanced FAB selling when proposing your product.

By Sales Cross-Training several vertical sales markets your sales staff can learn the best practices from each and apply what works best in your own sales process.

To learn more about Sales Cross-Training see sales staff training Denver to About Sales-Class.

In this Sales-Class, we studied the construction and remodeling sales industry and their advanced use of the FAB to sell their services.

The Sales-Class used “selling the addition” as the FAB example. The usual FAB (feature advantage benefit) would have gone something like this:

Feature: Mr. prospect, the addition to your home will allow you another 1,000 square feet to use.

Advantage What this means is that you can reclaim your living room and kitchen which is now being used as the play room.

Benefit And what this really means is that your home will better fit the needs of your family.

The above is a FAB, however it is used in its weakest form. It did not allow the client to personally connect to the benefit. The sales staff training Denver class showed how to bring it home by personalizing the FAB to the client.

Here’s how to Bring It Home

Feature: Mr. client, as you know the family room will add another 1,000 S/F to your home.

Advantage Providing this space will give you your living room back and your wife her kitchen.

Benefit This will make your house a home again and most importantly allow your family to live the way they were meant too.

Finally, the sales staff training Denver class showed to immediately follow the FAB with a pre-commitment and trial close. Here are the PC & TC examples:

Pre-commitment Don’t you want to work with a company that understands what you are really wanting to accomplish and can keep this goal in the forefront when building your addition?

Trial Close Would we be able to begin tomorrow, or do you want to wait till next week for us to start?

Always ask the client the choice of two yeses where either one answered is a sale. If the client answers this question, the deal usually is closed.

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