Sales Training Colorado Sales-Class

The annual sales training Colorado Sales-Class held in April was a three-day weekend event filled with the newest in Sales Cross-Training Techniques to better master the sales process.

This section of Sales-Class is dedicated to review some of the master sales classes that were presented at the event. For more information about attending the next sales training Colorado Sales-Class you can contact us for a free schedule.

The first class was on the sales precommitment or (pre-commit) when you handle objections. To use the pre-commit after you isolate an objection improves your chances of closing by reducing the number of escape avenues available to the prospect.

The sales process described that used the pre-commit in a sales example was objection – empathy – isolate – pre-commit - cover & confirm – trial close - close.

First, what is a precommitment?

Wikipedia describes a precommitment as a strategy first discussed by Thomas Schelling that a party to a conflict can strengthen its position by cutting off some of its options to make its threats more credible (e.g., an army that burns its bridge behind it making retreat impossible).

So, what does this mean to us salespeople?

The sales training Colorado class showed that by isolating the number of sales qualifiers or objections to few as possible, you can limit the objections to just a few (or one) and narrow the field to a small number of conditions to meet in order to close the sale.

When a client gives you an objection, first show empathy, then follow the process and wrap up with the close. Here is an example after the objection:

Objection; “I am not completely convinced that your apparatus will be able to produce the number of domaflogies needed to keep up with our high demand.”

Empathy; ”Mr. client, I understand your concern about the domaflogy apparatus. Many of our clients voiced this same concern prior to implementing our process.”

Isolate; “May I ask, other than this concern, is there any other reason that we couldn’t move forward with implementing our solution today?”

Pre-commit; “Would it be fair to say that if we were able to show you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that our apparatus will more than handle your production needs with room to spare that we could move forward implementing our solution today?”

Cover & Confirm; “Here are testimonials from 20 of the top companies in your field stating their complete satisfaction with the production capabilities. Additionally, here are the specifications that show that the apparatus will produce 50% more than your needs. Finally, If you are not satisfied completely, our company will repair or replace the unit at your request. Does this address your concern?”

Trial Close; “Can we begin installation on Friday or do you want to wait till after the weekend and begin on Monday?”

Close; “Monday it is, I just need your authorization here.”

Here are some of the other sales training Colorado subjects:

Sales Prospecting Training Class
was a cross-study of the prospecting techniques best practices used by the sales pros of the copier sales industry. By targeting their prospecting efforts to a set criteria in vertical markets and using top down selling they developed a prospecting method that was very successful.

Advanced FAB Selling Class
was a cross-study of the construction and remodeling sales industries and their FAB closing technique developed to increase the presentation to sale conversion ratio.

Using the Internet to Develop Sales Leads
class was about the struggle of developing a successful lead generating web site and one method used to create a web site that could bring leads in your business at a very low cost.