Sales Training Exercises Day-5

Sales Cross-Training is certainly the best sales training exercises to study to get your sales in shape.

Below are some exercises that can strengthen your sales.

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In Sales-Class we study all of them to get ideas how to increase your sales by having the knowledge of the best closes and sales skills from each.

Roll Playing

A good way to practice is to roll play. After you have developed your sales process that you will be using, roll play it over and over again, until it’s second nature. Bring up objections and complete the sales process. There is nothing better than roll playing to strengthen your presentation. It will give you confidence that clients can feel.

Break it down

A good sales training exercise is to break down the sales process to several parts. Prospecting, Initial conceptual, presentation, close, objections are some examples of what to practice. Practice each one separately over and over until it’s second nature.

Focus on Strengths

It is proven that you can increase your weakness by 5% to 10%. However, you can improve your strengths by 100s of %. Whatever you are good at, study and practice that more than anything else. If you are good at prospecting, study and practice prospecting. So many companies waste time and ruin salespeople by forcing them to study what their weakness is. Sure you can improve your weakness a little, but you can become great by improving your strengths.

A salesman with poor paperwork skills will never be the ‘best’ at paperwork. But if he’s a good closer, he can become great at closing. Make a good closer out of him and let someone else do his paperwork. Trying to make every salesperson perfect in all aspects is impossible. Focus on sales training exercises that will improve their strengths and spend little time on the weaknesses.

Practice Creativity

Creating unique situations for practice and allowing salespeople to ‘think on their feet’ will do more good for them in the field than any canned pitch. Setting up groups to overcome obstacles is a good training exercise. Putting a few minds together will accomplish much towards building confidence, which improves results.

Test em

Just as we do here at Sales-Class, after each sales training exercise, test to reinforce comprehension. This will let you know if it needs to be reviewed again, but more importantly, it’s a good way to review the main parts to further burn it into their memory. Using a test also gives the salesman confidence that he knows the material and is ready for the field.

Best Proposal

Our company hired an outside marketing firm to come, study our business and develop a professional looking presentation template for us to use. They also had an internal competition among the reps to submit and present their own best proposal for consideration. They offered a $2,000.00 bonus if chosen.

Well, you guessed it; one of the sales reps was chosen over all others, even the marketing firm. No one knows your sales business better than the front line salespeople. Utilize this sales training exercise and you will be amazed at the results.

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