Sales Training Information Day-12

Welcome to our Sales Training Information Day-12.

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This online sales training class is about the subtle way to catch lots of fish. Most of us have been fishing. There’s a subtle move in fishing that drives the fish wild. In sales we call it the (take away close). We have discussed this already, but I like this analogy.

Most salespeople do this too strong and scare the fish away. Gently presenting and slightly pulling back creates the desire to make a decision. Splashing loudly and going after the fish always scares them away. Always present you product in a gentle, logical soft way. Armed with this sales training information you are sure to get lots of bites.

Here is an example:

I was in a close where the client needed equipment ASAP. We had completed out presentation and we were in the close part of the sale. Of course, I could have told him we can install tomorrow, instead, I mentioned to him that it usually takes 7 to 10 days.

He said that it had to be sooner!

I called my manager on the phone in front of him and asked the same question and he replied, Hey, I’d load the truck with the boys and be there in an hour! I asked him to hold while I asked the client about 4 to 5 days.

He still was hesitant. I then told my manager that if we could get the equipment all installed tomorrow we have a deal, any later and forget it. My manager was furious and repeated what he said before.

I then said to him OK I’ll call you back in a minute and you can let me know. By this time the client was ready to buy and my manager was ready to fire me! The client said he appreciated what I was doing and was glad I understood his position.

I told him that my manager had to make a call also and waited a couple of minutes, during which time he showed me where the equipment was going to be placed.

I then called my manager in front of him and asked if we were going to be able to get the business or not. Of course, he finally picked up on what I was doing and laughed.

I told the client we could and then told my manager that I would fax the order to him from the client’s office. The deal was closed. Another great day of fishing! Who knew you could get sales training information from fishing?

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