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Welcome to our sales training online class. Sales Cross-Training looks at the best sales practices from several different vertical sales industries.

To get the deal, you only have to be slightly better than your competitor. But imagine if you are significantly better, commanding the knowledge of the best closes and sales practices in the industry. By learning these skills a sales professional will certainly have an edge over the competition.

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Paying it Forward “Thank you for investing your time and energy to take my course. It is my true hope that you will succeed in all your endeavors. If your satisfied with this course, please tell a friend or associate.”

This online sales training is offered in two ways

As a structured course, just click from Day-1 through Day-12 then take the final.

Or, use this index page to search for exactly what you wish to study.

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However, if you're looking for a specific topic find the one below that interest you or search our site and jump directly to that class. We are adding several pages per month as our study of Sales Cross-Training continues, so please return and check our updates.


Car Sales Training contains several closes used by one of the nations best car salesmen. This was one of my favorite sales cross-training projects. If you had to pick one page in this sales-class on closing, this is it!

How To Sell During A Recession is a study of how to position yourself and your company over and above the competition during tough economic times and continue to produce sales through activity and a positive outlook.

More Automobile Sales Training This free sales training online class is about the automobile sales industry and their beautiful closing practices. Learn closing skills from the car sales pros.

Building Rapport is a cross-study of the sales masters in the RV motor home sales industry. These high dollar sales pros have developed a process of rapport building techniques that capture the imagination of the client and move them quickly to the close.

Copier Sales Training was designed after one of the best copier reps in the country. We cross studied his vertical sales market and spent several weeks watching his work ethics. See why he makes over $200,000 per year selling copiers.

Leasing Challenges Must Read! Does your leasing company discount the payoff using simple interest when your clients payoff early, or do they just add the payment stream plus penalties?

Lease Rate Calculator can figure your interest rate, payment amount, and buyout amount for lease. Want to confirm an interest rate? Ever been asked for an amortization schedule? Use this lease calculator to make one for your customer!

New Homes Sales Training is the study of one of the most successful new home construction sales companies in the United States. They have developed a 7 step sales cycle that is hitting a very high close percentage.

Internet Sales & Leads is a recap of the Denver Seminar that showed how to use the Internet to get leads and make sales using the SBI tool.

Relationship Selling compares the sales process to the dating process. By understanding the dating process you can better understand the sales process.

Get Sales Advice for free. Just ask your sales question and get the answer. Sales advice post ever 24 hours so get some!

Selling against your competition is about how to figure your price. How is it that most people think that the lowest price always wins? We use the copier sales industry for this Sales Cross-Training.

Spin Sales Training explains, defines and gives examples of SPIN sales and practices.

Basic Training is just that, basic. The sales training online material in this class may sound redundant to you old pros, however, when writing this it reminded me of many things that I had built my sales career on. We may take them for granted but these are the basics that all successful salespeople use.

Prospecting. In this sales training online class we are going to study prospecting as done by the sales pros of the copier industry.

Cold Calling takes the advertising sales industry and Sales Cross-Trains using the insurance and copier sales best practices to come up with the perfect sales process.

Telemarketing in this Sales Cross-Training class will look at the water filter industry as our vertical sales best practice example. They have developed a phone sales training system that converts over 30% of their cold calls to appointments. Let’s take a look.

Sales Exercises is about ways to practice and develop your sales skills using role playing and other techniques.

Selling Techniques breaks down the sales cycle and sales process to a step by step, easy to understand flow from start to finish. Again, we use the copier sales industry to study their best practice and uncover their secret strategy.

Real Estate Sales is a fantastic story of one realtor’s success using a sales strategy that's very unique. This sales training online class found one of the secrets used by the mega real estate salespeople to close deals.

Referrals. This online sales training class did a cross-study of the life insurance sales industry. They have developed the referral process to a fine art. It accounts for 90% of their leads. Check it out.

Be a Consultant is about consultant selling instead of traditional selling. We cross-studied the medical sales profession and found a sales technique that was successfully used to triple this guys income!

Trial Close sales training online class looks at the auto sales industry and focuses on closes and strategies they use to get the deal.

FAB Selling describes in detail how to use the feature advantage benefits method of communicating in a logical way to develop the prospects value of your product or service.

Setting Your Income Thermostat is a study of why some salespeople make $100,000 plus and others don't. This is a real eye opener and one of the main ingredients successful salespeople get the bucks!

How To Close is a sales cross-training class using the best practices of the vinyl siding sales industry. It focuses on using FABs (feature, advantage, benefits) to get the deal with trial closing examples.

Door to Door is a sales cross-training study of the sales pros of the door to door vacuum sales industry. These guys are tough and we explore their techniques and strategies of the top producers. You may be surprised.

Presenting Online is a very new way of integrating the use of the internet to improve your sales productivity by increasing the number of prospects you can handle. The architectural sales industry was sales cross-studied and we found a great tool to use!

The Sales Cross-Training Book is a completion of an 8 year project cross studying over 90 different vertical sales markets and sharing their best practices in selling.

Sales Tales

Is where salespeople share sales stories and experiences. Do you have a story, best closing practice, deal you closed that you would like to share with others? Here is the place for you to offer some free sales training online!

If you are in a sales industry that has not been studied in our free sales training online site please let us know and we will get right on it.

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